Aloha everyone! Welcome to Hawaii Collaboration!

This event was conceived to be a gathering place where kupuna and master artists can recharge and reinvigorate their work through a sharing of knowledge and skills, and take this new energy back into their own communities where the next generation can benefit.

“Ho’o hui a ho’opa’a, Olelo no eau.”

“Bringing together all skillfull artists and the talented/wise, to gather as a people and stand together.”

Our first Hawaii Collaboration event was held in 2011. Nearly 30 artists came together to share experience and join in creating new works of art by the collaborative process. The result, after three days, was 57 artworks and a life changing experience. We have devoted our lives to learning skills and working at the highest level that we can realize, but we become isolated in our specialties and wonder where to look for inspiration or how to find time to come together with other people who have chosen this path. These 57 creations were touched by two or more sets of hands collaborating—people who rarely get the opportunity to work together, resulting in some very unique artwork while energizing artistic souls.

Creative cycles were compressed and then all let go at a no-reserve auction. The auction held the spirit and energy that went into creating these works and was felt by a very enthusiastic audience. Having these creations be so generously appreciated and finding their way into homes throughout the Island completed the full circle of this experience. As makers, we were recharged through the collaborative experience, and art collectors/lovers received incredible, one-of-a-kind works while also supporting our subsequent events. We are deeply grateful both for the experience and the support.

Here’s to Hawaii Collaboration 2014! Attend the auction on October 25, 2014!

Hawaii Collaboration 2012

Courtesy Eric Edwards

Hawaii Collaboration 2011

Courtesy Matthew Lovein



Hawaii Artist Collaboration 2014- Day 1


Hawaii Artist Collaboration 2013- Day 4

Liz Miller

Hawaii Artist Collaboration 2013- Day 3

Ethan Froney making anvil

A Koa Anvil

Ben Heloca making kapa

Kapa in the Making


Hawaii Artist Collaboration 2013 – Day 2


Hawaii Artist Collaboration 2013-Day 1

Three Leaves

Hawaii Collab 2012 Mats 021

Collaboration is Key!


I Fell in Love with a Fortune Teller

Hawaii Collab 2012 Mats 215

Secret Garden Teleidoscope

Hawaii Collab 2012 Mats 181

Holualoa Harley


The Hot Seat


Where’s the Stampede At?


Hot Air Bottle?